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Friday, August 7, 2020

Tips for using disinfectants and not just during COVID-19!

As COVID-19 marches on, we need to hold the lines and continue to work together to stop it’s spread. Last week’s blog reiterated a topic we have covered over the years, the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection.  With the increased use of disinfectants at home and many businesses developing their reopening plans, improving our understanding how to properly use disinfectants to keep our businesses open and staff and customers safe is paramount. 

The following is a clip that talks about just that!



What are the key messages from the video?

  1. Disinfectants are our first line of defense in the war against germs, but only if they are used correctly.
  2. Canadians are accidentally poisoning themselves with cleaning products while trying to kill COVID-19.
  3. Reading the disinfectant label will save money, time and potentially your life.
  4. Not all products have a “one and done” process meaning you can simply spray or wipe and walk away.

Please stay safe and use disinfectants properly! You may become an example I use in my presentations or interviews if you do not!

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