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Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year fellow clean freaks and germaphobes! I too would like to take a moment to mirror Nicole’s sentiments from our last blog, thanking each and every one of you whom have read our blog. It is a truly rewarding experience to know that the stories we share are making an impact and hopefully helping some of you in the process. For 2012 we hope to build on the momentum we’ve created in 2011 and take the Talk Clean to Me blog to be to the next level in the process. In addition to our typical weekly blogs and monthly posts by interesting and exciting guest bloggers, we intend to build a broader base of learning into the blog content for 2012. In particular, one posting a month will be dedicated to a comprehensive review of the key attributes of a specific disinfectant chemistry. I’m sure many of you are yawning at the thought of this, but trust me, we are going to try our hardest to deliver this information in a fun and interesting manner. Just think, you may have the opportunity to heckle us if our performance is subpar. Ultimately, this is all in an effort to equip each of you with a solid foundation of general knowledge pertaining to the different disinfectant actives routinely used throughout North America and around the world so that you can make a more educated decision when faced with this dilemma in the future. Starting in January, we will review the good, the bad and the ugly about quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats, QACs). We hope you will stick with us throughout 2012. Please keep your comments and suggestions coming. We are always open to more ideas. Here’s to a great year of “Talking Clean”!

Lee – The Germinator

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