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Friday, January 25, 2013

#FF - Follow Friday!

For those of you also in the Twitter-Sphere you will have undoubtedly come across the concept of #FF (‘Follow Friday’).'Follow Friday' is basically about promoting an interesting Twitter user and helping them attract and increase their followers.  Since launching the blog we have included Guest Bloggers as a unique way to promote people who you may not know or get a chance to hear their more personal opinions. Admittedly, one blogger did have to have their blog read and approved by their communication and legal team – a process I am happy I don’t have to go through!

Social Media whether through blogging or tweeting or any other forum is about having a conversation on a topic that is of interest to you!  In the Talk Clean To Me Blog we focus on topics related to the use of Chemical Disinfectants and Infection Prevention – this is the stuff we know and know well.  This week I’m taking the concept of #FF to the Blog-Sphere and want to introduce to a couple of blogs that I think are worth following!

The Germ Guy: Confessions of Mercurial Microbiologist by Jason Tetro is a blog providing a personal and unique look at germs, hygiene and staying healthy. Through The Germ Guy Blog, Jason is able to take an idea, find something new about it and then tell a story that’s different, entertaining and thought-provoking. If you like what you read you can also follow Jason on Twitter – his handle is @JATetro.

Wired Science blogs is a repository for a number of, as you have likely guessed – blogs on topics related to science. You can really turn your inner geek on at this blog site and read about everything from how Dung Beetles use the sun and stars to navigate to how our brain knows what we smell like. The main blog I follow on this site is SUPERBUG written by Maryn McKenna.  Maryn is a journalist for national magazines and is also the author of BEATING BACK THE DEVIL. Like me, she finds emerging diseases strangely exciting.

ScienceBlogs is another repository for science based blogs with topics grouped similar to a newspaper – you can find blogs on Life Sciences, Medicine, The Environment and Politics (snore...but that’s just me!) etc. Did you know that the feather pattern on the chests of some birds may be an outward sign of how healthy the bird is?  Really?  While I have no plans on reading anything further about that there is a great post with a video by Abbie Smith, a Virologist titled “How I learned to stop worrying and love viruses”. It's worth watching – especially since we are well into Flu and cold season!

That’s it for this #FF! I hope you turn on your inner geek and check out some of these blogs!

Bugging Off!

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