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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

If, like me you were able to take some time off over the holidays you are likely trying to slowly edge yourself back into the work routine.I suppose it’s the one upside of having a young child, they don’t understand that you are supposed to sleep in during vacation so unlike some of you at least I am not trying to get back into the grove of getting up before 7 am!  

I hope that 2013 proves to be as interesting as 2012 in terms of the advancement of science surrounding the importance of cleaning and the use of disinfectants in preventing infections. As was illustrated in the SOS – Spores on Surfaces blog – CLEANING WORKS! I look forward to being able to highlight such studies throughout 2013.

If you are a nut about the role of the environment as I am you may also want to check out the Spring SHEA conference that will be held in Atlanta, GA May 1 – 4th.  There is a day and a half dedicated to The Role of the Environment covering topics such as; Does Improving Environmental Disinfection Reduce HAIs?, The Role of Inanimate Surfaces and Fomites in Transmission of HAIs, How Hospital Cleanliness Should be Measured and “Thorny” Issues in Environmental Cleaning. I certainly plan on being there!

While many of us may be trying to ease back into the work routine, one thing we can certainly say is “Bugs Don’t Rest!” I’m afraid to say that this winter may be a nasty one and I’m not talking about the fact that many areas around North America just got hammered with snow!  Norovirus seems to be a leading character in many headlines with outbreaks hitting around the globe. We did a lengthy blog on Norovirus last year and quickly highlighted it again in our Happy Healthy Holiday blog so we'll leave it to you to read these if you want to learn more or refresh your memory.  Suffice it to say, if you’re looking to lose the weight you gained over the holidays, Norovirus may be your answer!

If you want to read a few of the headlines, here’s a link to the top 5,650 headline results!

Next week’s blog will be a discussion on privacy curtains and their role in infection transmission….unless I find something “ickier” to write about!

Bugging Off!


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