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Thursday, September 12, 2013

#FF - Follow Friday!

One of the joys of travelling is never truly knowing if you're going to get home when you hope to.  Yesterday, was one such day.  Rush hour traffic was in my favour, I made it from New Haven, CT to Hartford in about an hour and even had time to enjoy a relatively "nice" dinner and glass of red wine.  Then Mother Nature hit leaving me stranded in the Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT yesterday for 4 hours due to weather conditions - apparently it's a health hazard to have ground crew servicing planes during thunder and lightning storms.  For anyone travelling via Hartford, I would like to point out that the stores and restaurants close by 8pm!!! so, if there is even the REMOTEST chance you're plan may delayed and you may get hungry or thirsty later - stock up, even if you do not think you'll need it! 

The upside of sitting around in airports is that you get the opportunity to catch up on your reading and yesterday I had the perfect opportunity to peruse some of the blogs I loyally follow.  As introduced back in January, one of the ways we want to educate is through sharing of blogs that we think are noteworthy and worth following.  Social Media whether through blogging or tweeting or any other forum is about having a conversation on topic that is of interest to you!  The Talk Clean To Me we focus on topics related to the use of Chemical Disinfectants and Infection Prevention – this is the stuff we know and know well.  This week I’m taking the concept of #FF to the Blog-Sphere and want to introduce to a couple of blogs that I think are worth following!

CDC's Safe Healthcare where "opinions expressed are those of its authors and may not represent the official positions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Department of Health and Human Services" shares experiences from the trenches covering virtually any topic an IP may be interested in.  You never know, you may find the answer to your current infection prevention dilemma! 

Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention  is written by ID Docs or Hospital Epidemiologists Eli, Mike and Dan.  Touch on current topics  or newly published in Infection Prevention,  and share articles by other authors that they are worth reading.  They also include useful reference links, presentations and an extensive list of other noteworthy blogs!  Did you know that the Jumbo Squirting Bowtie was an IP's Dream attire?

Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog by the DEB Group, a leading company in hand hygiene and skin care products, leverages their relationships with experts around the world to provide weekly blogs on topics pertaining to hand hygiene, infection prevention and food safety.  You may recognize the blog they posted this week if you read the Talk Clean To Me blog we posted a few weeks back on School Absenteeism!
That’s it for this #FF!  I hope you turn on your inner geek and check out some of these blogs!

Bugging Off!



  1. Another enjoyable and educational read Nicole and thanks for mentioning our hand hygiene blog. Social media is moving very quickly especially in healthcare and mobile technology is making it easier and easier to access anytime, anywhere. Here's a link to a very good Ted video that explores how social media is being used to change healthcare. It's called, "What if Dr. House was on Twitter" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x7S6scaU2w

  2. Thanks so much Patrick! I agree, the use of Social media is growing exponentially and the early adopters can certainly pave the way to showing how provided quality educational blogs can help quiet the noise of all of the product marketing we receive.