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Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 - the Year of the Horse and Theme-Based Blogs

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Talk Clean To Me blog!  While we had a few "themes" during 2013, our primary focus for topics was covering the newly published science as it related to the use of chemical disinfectants for infection prevention.  For 2014, Lee and I have decided to have quarterly themes, certainly we will still intersperse hot topics as studies that we think are important and worth blogging about hit the press and we also intend to bring back the Guest Bloggers to bring you fresh and in some cases hopefully controversial topics and opinions.

The first Quarter will be a focus on relevant pathogens that cause us grief from an infection prevention standpoint such as Norovirus, C. difficile, AROs and emerging pathogens we may want to start keeping an eye on.  By no means do I mean we will start creating dull FAQ type blogs on these pathogens.  Just the thought of that makes me yawn.  Besides we can find much of that information on the CDC, Health Canada or WHO websites.  Our focus will be much more exciting such as how to choose a disinfectant when specific pathogen claims do not exist or why surrogates are used for some claims rather than the actual pathogen.  OK, perhaps that doesn't seem much better, but I promise you'll we'll make the blogs fun to read and perhaps even get a snort out of one or two of you!

The second Quarter (or Q2 as most business people would shorten it to) will look at the costs and return on investment in designing and implementing an environmental infection prevention and control program.   If Lee and I do our jobs correctly, we'll arm you with a laundry list of what we call "So What's" that should counter virtually any road block thrown in your path to improving your environmental infection prevention and control program.

Q3 (yep, that's the third quarter) will focus on Occupational Health and Safety, covering topics such as OSHA's Hazard Communication standards, the new Global Harmonized Systems, changes to Safety Data Sheets (formerly known as MSDS) and how as people tasked with choosing disinfectants consideration to more than just the cost of a product and what it kills needs to be considered....we want to kills germs, not our staff, even if some of them "bug" us!

To finish off the year, we'll spend some time looking at how we can "green" our environmental cleaning programs not just in terms of choosing chemicals, but looking at processes and how small changes to how we clean and disinfect can improve our bottom lines.

We enjoy your comments and would love to hear from you as to topics that would be of interest!


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