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Friday, June 6, 2014

APIC 2014 - Warmth, Sunshine and perhaps some knowledge acquisition too!

Those of you in the infection prevention world will know that Saturday June 7th marks the opening of the Annual APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology) Conference. The APIC Conference is arguably the largest event of its kind!  This year there will be 5,000 attendees, including more than 2,500 clinical professionals, 100+ educational sessions, 300 poster presentations, countless networking opportunities and 200 exhibitors in the largest exhibit hall dedicated to infection prevention!  

For IPAC-Canada I reviewed the key posters and oral abstract presentations, but with 300 posters it was hard to pick the top 10!  Instead I will highlight the key presentations that will be taking place that relate to cleaning and disinfection and if you're not able to attend drop me a note as I'll be happy to share what I learned!  Here are the sessions I plan on attending:

1. Oral Abstracts on Sterilization and Disinfection

a. Reducing the Frequency of Immediate Use Steam Sterilization: A Strategic and Collaborative Approach

b. Solving the Healthcare Equipment Disinfection Challenge (can't wait to listen to this one!)

c. Decreasing Autoclave Sterilization in 34 Ambulatory Clinics: How One Health System Used a Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Develop Standardization

2. Surfaces Are the Bottom Line in Infection Control is discussing something near and dear to my heart "If a surface isn't cleanable, it does not matter what disinfectant you use!" The session is reviewing what  information is needed to select a proper surface and what cleaning and disinfectant products can be used on what surfaces.

3. Drilling Down on Infection Prevention in Dental Practices is looking at how to develop a program and what education, competencies and monitoring needs to be done.   I HATE dentists...one of those childhood trauma things....but still like to learn what needs to be done.  You never know...poor infection prevention practices could become a reasonable  argument for not going to the dentist!

4. Disinfection and Sterilization: What's New by Dr. William Rutala is always a must see.  This year he'll be discussing changes related to reprocessing of critical or semi-critical devices, technologies that will aid in reducing environmental contamination and new practices that will reduce the role of the environment in disease transmission.

5. Most Effective Methods for Eliminating Microorganisms in the Environment will talk about the level of bacterial contamination in the healthcare environment, the role of the environment in transmission and best practices for cleaning and disinfection.  The session is being given by Nancy Havill from Saint Raphael Campus (Yale-New Haven Hospital).  Nancy certainly knows her stuff when it comes to this topic!

6. Behind the OR Doors: What Every Infection Preventionist Needs to Know will look at the requirements for effective cleaning and disinfection in the OR. 

7. Environmental Cleaning Roles and Responsibilities: Going Where We've Never Gone Before is going to open Pandora's Box of who is responsible for cleaning the patient environment and patient equipment and how to define the roles.  It's about time is all I have to say! 

8. What's New with Healthcare Worker Attire and the Role of the Environment: SHEA and AHE Perspectives and Publications will be reviewing the evidence around contamination of HCWs attire and the perceptions of HCWs about their attire and its role in transmission as well as covering ways to improve current practices and outcomes with respect to environmental hygiene.

For those of you attending APIC I'd love to catch up or meet you for the first time!  I'll be tweeting so follow me @nicolecronkenny.  If you're not attending be sure to follow #APIC2014 to keep up with what is being said!  You can find me at booth #217!  Lee & I will be autographing our Talk Clean To Me Blog book!

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  1. Hello Nicole and Mikeisha
    I am really interested in all of these topics but cleaning roles and responsibilities and roles of the environment in healthcare in relationship to the attire is something that has always caught my attention. I hope you blog some great stuff after attending the conference.
    Heather Hall