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Friday, June 20, 2014

Improving Infection Prevention through FREE Education!

Break out your swimsuits, fire up the BBQ, don your sunglasses and slather on some SPF 60 'cause summer is HERE!  Hopefully for many of you, summer also means vacation, relaxation and catching up on some reading for both enjoyment and professional development.   Over the past couple of years we have included book reviews as part of our summer blog line up.  This year I thought I would start off with a list of FREE Infection Prevention education sessions hosted this year by Webber Training.  These sessions are available as teleclasses where you can download the MP3 and listen on your iPad while following along with the PowerPoint presentation and sipping a beverage of your choice!

The Teleclass Education by Webber Training is an international lecture series on infection prevention and control topics. The objective is to bring the best possible infection prevention and control information; to the widest possible audience; with the fewest barriers to access.  For 2014 there have been 13 FREE education sessions so far and 3 more to come before the end of August.

Title of Teleclass
Human Error Theory - Can it help us understand and minimise the incidence and impact of outbreaks?
Dr. Evonne Curran, Glasgow University, Scotland
Innovation and Implementation Strategic Approaches to Reduce Catheter-Related Bacteraemia: The results of a European multicentre study
Dr. Walter Zingg, University of Geneva Hospitals, Switzerland
Eliminating Preventable Harm Through Building a Reliable Culture of Safety
Dr. Denise Murphy, VP Quality & Patient Safety, Main Line Health System, Pennsylvania
How to Prevent the Spread of Multiresistant Bacteria
Dr. Stephan Harbarth, University of Geneva Hospitals, Switzerland
Integrating Human Factors with Infection Prevention and Control
Jules Storr and Claire Kilpatrick, KS Healthcare Consulting, Dr. Neil Wigglesworth, Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection Program Team
Infection Prevention in High and Middle Income Countries
 Bruce Gamage, Provincial Infection Control Network, British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Pierre Parneix, Centre de Coordination de Lutte Contre les Infections Nosocomiales, Prof. Dr. Li Han, Center for Disease Control & Prevention of China
Antibacterial Efficacy of Atmospheric Pressure Non-Thermal Plasma
Dr. Brendan Glimore, Queen's University, Belfast
Highlights on Surgical Site Prevention: the New CDC Guidelines (and more)
Dr. Joseph Solomkin, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, USA
Are We Too Clean For Our Own Good? The Hygiene Hypothesis and its Implications for Hygiene, Lifestyle and Public Health
Dr. Sally Bloomfield, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
World Hand Hygiene Day...Clean Your Hands - Stop the Spread of Drug-Resistant Germs
Prof. Didier Pittet, World Health Organization, Geneva
Too Posh to Wash
Martin Kiernan, Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust, UK
Infection Control in Long Term Care
Tina McNamara, Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre, Nova Scotia, Canada, Jim Gauthier, Providence Care, Ontario, Canada
Infection Preventionist as a Leader: Redefining Communication Skills, Building Relationships and Breaking Down Silos
Catherine Adamson, University of California Davis Medical Center, USA, Laura Showers, Jefferson Health, USA
Healthcare-Associated Infections and Their Prevention After Extensive Flooding
Dr. Anucha Apisarnthanarak, Thammas at University Hospital, Thailand
Using Social Marketing to Improve Healthcare Quality
Jason Tetro, MI-SCI Consulting and Communications, Canada
Infection Prevention and Control - The Argentina Experience
Caroline Gluffré, Buenos Aires British Hospital, Argentina

For more information on Webber Training including a full list of the upcoming Infection Prevention and Control Teleclasses, please visit www.webbertraining.com.
I hope many of you will take the opportunity to listen to these FREE sessions and share with your colleagues! 

Bugging Off!

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