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Monday, October 20, 2014

IIPW - A time to celebrate and educate!

The concept of Infection Prevention and Control week was first established in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan, with APIC spearheading the effort to highlight the importance of infection prevention among healthcare professionals, administrators, legislators, and consumers. In Canada, Infection Control Week originated in 1988 to highlight infection control efforts in Canadian hospitals, long-term care facilities and in the community.  Over the years, this week of recognition has vastly expanded to every corner of the globe, including Australia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.  As the reach of IIPW widens, more patients benefit from safer healthcare practices and reduced threat of healthcare-associated infections.

International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW) falls the third week in October and is an opportunity for infection control professionals to educate staff and the community about the importance of infection prevention and to promote the important work that was being done by infection control professionals in a visible and fun way.  Infection Prevention and Control programs are widely recognized as being both clinically effective and cost-effective in preventing and controlling the spread of infections in health care settings.  Infection Prevention and Control programs protect clients/ patients/ residents and staff alike by preventing infections before they occur. Such prevention results in better clinical outcomes, fewer healthcare associated infections, reduced length of hospital stay, and less antimicrobial resistance, resulting in important cost saving for the health care system.

In keeping with the theme of education the following are a handful of webinar, teleclasses, on-line or media-based events occurring this week or are available as recordings free of charge:
  • Topic:  Updated Ebola Infection Prevention and Control Guidance
    • Date / Time: October 21st, 11am EST
    • Link: http://webinars.apic.org/session.php?id=14754
  • Topic: Ebola Crisis 
    • Date/ Time: October 21st
    • Link: CBC is dedicating the day to Ebola with on-line, radio and television coverage throughout the day 
  • Topic:  Infection Prevention in Outpatient Oncology Settings 
    • Date/ Time: October 23rd, 1:30pm EST
    • Link:  http://www.webbertraining.com/schedulep1.php?command=viewClass&ID=1204 
  • Topic:  Cleaning and Infection Prevention Webinar

  • Topic: Free Webber Training Teleclasses  
    •  Date / Time: Pre-recorded  
    • Link:  https://webbertraining.com/recordingslibraryc4.php 
To get you in the mood for the week here are a couple of Infection Prevention word scrambles and brain teasers.  Are you up to the challenge?

In keeping with IIPW being a week of education we will be posting blogs on Wednesday and Friday as well.  Stay tuned as you have a chance to win a Talk Clean To Me mug!

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