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Friday, October 24, 2014

Will you take the Infection Prevention Challenge?

For everyone who organized events for Infection Prevention Week, I hope you were able to educate, engage and enjoy in the fruits of your labors! I thought I would end the week with a little Infection Prevention Trivia  to get people to play along. The first person to respond back via the Talk Clean to Me blog, Twitter (@ViroxAHP and @nicolecronkenny), Facebook (the Virox Corporate page) and the Talk Clean To Me LinkedIn group we'll send you a Talk Clean To Me mug! Good Luck!

 1. True or False: If you wipe a surface and it does not stay wet for the contact time that has been indicated on the disinfectant product label, disinfection is NOT being achieved!

 2. True or False: The amount of liquid being released on a surface and the saturation level of a wipe can be different depending on the type of wipe substrate. 

 3. True or False: Ebolavirus is caused by a non-enveloped virus and is less susceptible to disinfectants. 

 4. What HAI am I Riddle: The main symptoms I show are wounds or sores. I've been a problem in healthcare for 20 years or more. I can live in the nose and reside on the skin. And I cannot be killed with methicillin.

 5. What HAI am I Riddle: I'm one of the worst of the GI infections. I cause diarrhea and vomiting projections. I'm a hard to kill virus found in healthcare and cruise. So you must be wary of the disinfectant you use.

 6. Guess the bug!

7. What's on the inside of a clean nose?

A heartfelt thank you to all of the Infection Preventionists for the work you do in keeping us safe!

Bugging Off!


  1. Hi Nicole, Just answering your IPAC Week Trivia Challenge. Not likely I am the first but loved the quiz! So here goes:
    1. True
    2. True
    3. False
    4. MRSA
    5. Norovirus
    6. Ebola virus; E. Coli; C. Difficile; Trichophyte mentagrophytes (Althletes Foot)
    7. S. Aureus
    Thanks for the Challenge!!
    Cheryl Collins, ICP City of Hamilton, LTCHs

  2. Cheryl - a mug is on it's way! Thanks for playing. You got everything but the last question correct.

    What's on the inside of a clean nose? FINGERPRINTS!

  3. Great quick and excellent to get the answers here, too. This is information every should have, especially with the recent stress over ebola and MRSA. I also encourage everyone to wash their hands often, especially after being in public places.