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Friday, December 12, 2014

#FF - Follow Friday

There are times when I think I have a great idea for a blog, but know that it is sometimes best to allow the idea to "percolate" to ensure that I temper the message.  The idea I had for my blog this week was based on a question from the field.  A question so outrageous that following the last three weeks' focus on Apathy,  the title that popped to mind was "From Apathy to Stupidity".....    I think I will need to "percolate" a little more as I think the title needs to be tempered..   I will say however, that there are times that the hoopla created by media, can make people take leave of their senses which leaves Infection Preventionists, the EXPERTS in understanding outbreak management, to be chasing after information that is distracting them from more important tasks.

So, as it's been awhile since I have written a #FF blog and I love being able to share and promote great blogs and great bloggers, here are some blogs and/or blog entries that I think you should check out!

Virology Down Under - VDU's Blog is a blog I was recently introduced to thanks to Twitter and @McKayIM.  Aside from having great blog topics, if you take the time to look at their website you will find a wealth of information on viruses.  Be sure to check it out!

Deb's Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety blog is not new to our #FF list, but as we are closing out the year and the blog had a posting on the Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles in 2014 I thought I would share as what better way to catch up on your reading then when someone has summarized it all for you!

Pathogen Perspectives, a new blog (e.g. launched in 2014) written by Heather Lander (@PathogenPhD) is dedicated to exploring the world of emerging infectious disease - and as one would expect, has focused much time and effort on Ebola.  I thought this was a perfect addition as my "question of the week" relates to Ebola.  I would definitely be checking this blog out in detail! 

I hope you'll check these blogs out!  Don't forget it's Friday so #FF and tweet!

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