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Friday, May 1, 2015

#FF Spring Buds Enthusiasm for Education!

Theoretically we are about 1.5 months into spring, but I think most of us would agree that March and April were far from spring like conditions!  I'm thrilled that May is here and with it, far more temperate weather, blooming daffodils and budding trees!

With the arrival of May it's time to provide the next installment of the Webber Training Teleclasses that I think may be relevant to our conversation of all things related to chemical disinfection for hands, surfaces and devices.  As noted in past blogs, the Teleclass Education by Webber Training is an international lecture series on infection prevention and control topics. The objective is to bring the best possible infection prevention and control information; to the widest possible audience; with the fewest barriers to access. 

Title of Teleclass
May 5th
10 Years of WHO Clean Care is Safer Care; Why You Should be a Part of the Social Pandemic that is Safe Lives: Clean Your Hands
Prof. Didier Pittet, WHO, Geneva
May 13th
Understanding Consumer Perceptions of HAI and Hand Hygiene Through a Global Survey
Claire Kilpatrick, WHO & Dr. Maryanne McGuckin, McGuckin Methods International
May 21st
Is Your Phone Bugged? The Role of Mobile Technology in Infection Control
Richard Brady, UK
May 27th
Food Safety Culture - From Farm to Fork
Dr. Douglas Powell, Australia
June 3rd
Preventing Infections in Healthcare Workers: Strategies and Challenges
Bruce Gamage, Canada
June 10th
Patient Empowerment as Part of an Asian Hand Hygiene Programme
Prof. Yee Chun Chen, Taiwan
July 23rd
Gastrointestinal Endoscopes: A Need to Shift From Disinfection to Sterilization
Prof. William Rutala, USA

For more information on Webber Training, including a full list of the upcoming Infection Prevention and Control Teleclasses, please visit www.webbertraining.com

I hope many of you will take the opportunity to listen to these teleclasses and share them with your colleagues! 

Bugging Off!


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