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Friday, May 27, 2016

Disinfection Dysfunction – Clear, Compelling and Memorable!

I love spring, but not because trees are budding, flowers are blooming and the weather is warmer.  I love spring because it signifies the time of year for two of the leading infection prevention conferences: IPAC-Canada and APIC.  Not only do I get the opportunity to participate in the amazing education line up and talk with like-minded people who get as excited as I over a really interesting research study, but it also means that I get to unveil a new education campaign that our team has developed via the Talk Clean To Me blog! 

We LOVE to educate, and we also LOVE to have fun finding unique campaigns that provide clear, compelling and memorable messages; and I think this year’s Disinfection Dysfunction campaign does just that!  Let’s be completely truthful, not everyone finds cleaning and disinfection as exciting as I do.  Nor does everyone understand the intricacies of choosing a disinfectant.  It’s not just what it kills or how fast it kills – there is so much more, and that’s what we’ve tried to capture with our Disinfection Dysfunction campaign, including key attributes of a disinfectant, by asking you 4 simple questions: 
  1. Is your disinfectant safe for users and the environment?
  2. Does your disinfectant’s label have misleading claims?
  3. Does your disinfectant cause cross contamination?
  4. Does your disinfectant dry before it’s time?

By the way…..if you answered yes to any of these questions, your disinfectant product just might have Disinfection Dysfunction and you need to determine how to treat your Dwell Time Disease, Label Deficit Disorder, Safety Indifference Syndrome, and/or Cross Contamination Conundrum.  I could go into more detail into each of these disinfectant “diseases”, but I’m hoping that you’ll take the bait the check out our resource page – if only to check out our REALLY cute monsters and download our colouring page!   As we found out at IPAC-Canada last week, EVERYONE loves to colour!
If you’re attending APIC in a couple of weeks we hope you’ll drop by our both to learn more about Disinfectant Dysfunction and spend some time colouring with us!
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