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Friday, May 13, 2016

#FF The IPAC-Canada Conference Is Here!

I’m lucky.  I get to attend a number of different conferences throughout the year covering the gamut of subjects for both human and animal health.  There are some conferences where, just like a child the night before Christmas, the anticipation and excitement begins to build to such high levels that I almost feel giddy!  The National IPAC-Canada conference is one of them….and we’re only 2 sleeps away before its start! 

The reason for my excitement is twofold.  I get to ‘get my geek on’ and spend 3 days talking and educating conference delegates about my favorite topic – cleaning and disinfection! #TalkCleanToMe. I also get to spend 3 days catching up with people I am honoured to have gotten to know from across Canada over the last 13 years and call my friends.

So what am I going to ‘get my geek on’ over?  The following are the research abstracts I am going to be checking out:
  1. Can using active UV-C technology to treat the air reduce surface pathogens in a healthcare setting?
  2. Development and piloting of a clinical office practice infection prevention and control (IPAC) checklist/audit tool
  3. Infection Control: To boldly go where no man has gone before...
  4. The IPAC Procurement Predicament: Buyer Beware or Be Aware!
  5. Picture This: Creating a Cleaning Process for Paramedic Services
  6. Patient Safety Behind Closed Doors: Quality Improvement Reviews of Medical Device Reprocessing
  7. Creating a Clean Culture
  8. Clean and Green: A multidisciplinary initiative to reduce patient supply waste and improve environmental cleaning capabilities
  9. To flush or not to flush? Wipes clog pipes!
  10. Wipes and Disinfectants - The Significance of Proper Pairing for Appropriate Efficiency
  11. Operating Room Floor Technology: What is the Best Combination of Cleaners, Disinfectants and Cleaning Methodology for Removal of Staphylococcus aureus?
  12. Introducing a sodium hypochlorite (SH) based cleaner-disinfectant across multiple quaternary-hospital sites: challenges, successes and lessons
  13. Reprocessing in the Community: The Evolution of a Knowledge Product

Aside from checking these research abstracts out, you’ll find me soaking up everything I can during a full day symposium on Implementation Science where Jason Tetro (aka The Germ Guy) will kick off the day and Ms. Jacquie Brown, an Implementation Science expert, will take attendees through a workshop format of learning, implementing and applying our newfound knowledge!  From there I plan on basking in the knowledge that I know Dr. Didier Pittet will transfer during his talk on “Infection Prevention: From Care Bundles to Multimodal Interventions” and Dr. Laura Kahn’s talk titled “Physicians, Farmers, and the Politics of Antibiotic Resistance: A One Health Analysis”.  Of course I’ll also have to attend Dr. Thomas Louie’s talk “The Scoop on Poop” and Dr. Dave Goldfarb’s talk “What’s new in Number 2?” because what conference would be complete without talking about diarrheal diseases!

There are of course many other sessions I’ll be flitting to and from, but I think you’ll agree the session line up is going to be great - and I think like me, everyone attending will come away recharged, energized, braindead and yes…..probably a little sleep deprived!

Bugging Off!


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