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Friday, June 3, 2016

#FF The APIC Conference Is ALMOST Here!

As mentioned a few weeks ago in my “#FF The IPAC-Canada Conference Is Here!” blog, I’m lucky because I get to attend a lot of conferences throughout the year.   I’ve spent quite a bit of time checking out the APIC education line up and “WOW”, I am super stoked to be heading to Charlotte, NC in just 8 more sleeps!

So what am I going to ‘get my geek on’ over?  The following are the research abstracts I am definitely going to be checking out:
  1. Hand Hygiene Intervention Design Recommendations Derived from a Cross Sectional Factorial Survey Given to 460 Acute Care Nurses
  2. Irritant Contact Dermatitis: A Survey of Healthcare Worker Knowledge, Perceptions and Actions
  3. Outbreak Investigation of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae in a Long-term Acute Care Facility
  4. Movement of Pathogens from Public Restroom to Clinical Areas in a Hospital
  5. Centralization of Sterilization and High Level Disinfection from Multiple Outpatient Settings to a Centralized Sterile Processing Department Provides Consistent Process
  6. Does Regionalization of an Infection Prevention Program Lead to Program Optimization and Standardization?
  7. Tabletop Sterilizers: Assessing and Monitoring Professional Standard and Regulatory Requirement Compliance
  8. Impact of an Improved Hydrogen Peroxide (IHP) Disinfectant versus a Quaternary Ammonium-based (Quat) Disinfectant on Surface Contamination and Healthcare Outcomes

Aside from checking these research abstracts out, you’ll find me soaking up everything I can during the day at the APIC conference.  There are several sessions where I will be flipping a coin to determine which ones I attend because I’ve not yet been able to figure out how to clone myself!  Saturday morning at 6:00am you’ll find me all bright-eyed enjoying breakfast while listening intently to Dr. John Boyce’s talk Optimal Patient Room Cleaning and Disinfection: Product and Compliance.  The session is reviewing a recent study that resulted in a 23% reduction of HAIs through improved cleaning and disinfection compliance! 

You can be sure I will also not miss Stephen Dubners opening plenary talk Business and Management Lessons from Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics, Dr. Rutala’s talk on Disinfection and Sterilization: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Dev Anderson’s talk on New Insights into Environmental Disinfection and the closing plenary by Josh Linkner Executing Imagination: Turning Raw Ideas into Powerful Results.

When I’m not at sessions, I’ll be supporting our Disinfection Dysfunction education campaign – I hope you’ll drop by to “Talk Clean to Me” and learn if your disinfectant has a dysfunction!

Bugging Off!


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