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Friday, July 15, 2016

Summertime rashes, bug bites and infections

Living in Canada it’s often assumed that we live in igloos and wear winter clothes year round.  My cousins from Georgia often complain that it’s colder in Ontario than Georgia and even I, who took extra math  and science courses over Geography know that while Georgia is considerably further south than Ontario, the Southernmost tip of Ontario is well south of  a number of US states.  In fact yesterday (July 13th), it was 90F in Oakville, Ontario where I live and 94F in Orlando, Florida.  Considering Orlando is 2,024 km (1258 miles) almost directly south I’d say we get pretty darn hot in the summer!

Why am I talking about how hot it is? Because summertime infections are more common than you might think and the hot days of summer are the reason for some of them!  What are some of these pesky infections? Well if you’re an avid swimmer, you’ve probably had one or more inner ear infection, affectionately known as swimmer's ear.  In fact, according to the CDC, swimmer’s ear leads to an estimated 2.4 million doctor's visits and $500 million in health care costs each year.

What about all the picnics and BBQs you attend for work, with family or friends?  Have you ever had a touch of food poisoning? Bacteria that cause food poisoning grow fastest in hot and humid weather.  As a result foodborne illnesses are two times more common during the summer months than during other parts of the year.   YIKES!   And don’t forget about viral infections!  Stomach bugs such as enteroviruses, respiratory bugs like parainfluenza and even the common cold viruses are all lurking around during the summer.

With all of these summertime infections we thought we’d dedicate our July education campaign to help people from getting sick.  Our campaign aptly named Hot Mess provides you with a slew of pathogen fact sheets so you know what you’re up against and of course cleaning and disinfection protocols so you can clean up after yourself or your loved ones – assuming you’re sick of course!  If not, we hope you’ll use them to stay healthy!

Bugging Off!


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