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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mucky Hands Wreak Havoc!

I’m not sure if there is much that I can say about hand hygiene that I haven’t already in past blogs and that everyone already knows.  When it comes to hand hygiene, I think Nike’s slogan sums it up perfectly: “JUST DO IT!”

Unfortunately, while we know what we should do and why we should do it, hand hygiene is one of those tasks that often gets put aside because we are busy or we forgot or we just don’t see the point.  A few of the favorite blogs I’ve done on hand hygiene include; “I TRIPLE DOG DARE you to wash your hands where I pondered what would happen if we changed our tact.  It’s been well published that doctors and nurses fail to wash their hands with alarming frequency.  In fact, this lack of hand hygiene contributes to 247 deaths each day by preventable hospital infections. What if a hand hygiene DARE was said out loud in front of your other peers?  Would your rise to the challenge?

I’m sure I needn’t say much more than Semmelweiss, and we can all fill in the blanks about the history of hand hygiene.  My “The Dissenter & Father of Hand Hygiene blog celebrated Semmelweiss’ 195th birthday with a little history lesson on how the importance of hand hygiene came to be known.  I would just like to say, I am SO thankful I was not alive during this time – particularly if I was with child!

Playing on the concept of dissenters or deviants in “A+ or F what’s your hand hygiene grade? I “dared” you to take a quiz and be positively deviant.  The objective of the quiz was to answer based on how NOT to follow hand hygiene best practices.   If you scored an A+ you without a doubt ensured that you were effective at spreading diseases. 

Where does that leave us now?  Well I hope you’ll “JUST DO IT!” after sneezing or coughing into your hands.  I hope you’ll “JUST DO IT!” after using the toilet.  I hope you’ll “JUST DO IT!” after handling raw meat or uncooked foods.  I hope you’ll “JUST DO IT!” after petting an animal.  I hope you’ll “JUST DO IT!” after helping a child or adult use the toilet or change a diaper or after helping someone blow their nose.  Last but not least, I hope you’ll “JUST DO IT!” before you enter a patient’s room to perform any form of care and/or after touching the patient’s environment.

Hand hygiene saves lives.  I know I want to protect the lives of my loved ones when they’re in a healthcare facility.  Don’t you want to protect their lives to?

Bugging Off!


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