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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pedicures, Plantar Warts and Tinea pedis

I was in SoCal this week.  It was lovely.  It had been a while since I’ve been to California and was able to enjoy a drive down the coast from LA to Dana Point.  If you’ve not been there, it’s the home of the Doheny Beach – you know the one mentioned in the Beach Boy’s song “Surfin’ USA”?  If you love sand and surf it’s worth the trip, as is a visit to Salt Creek Beach.  I say “if you like sand” because I #hatesand!  It gets all over you, and I may have had a bit of a tantrum while trying to get sand out of my sandal and then locking the keys to my rental car in the trunk……  The car wasn’t locked and while there was no trunk button in the cabin of the car we did manage to unlock the car by putting down the back seats and crawling into the trunk that way.  If you don’t believe me check out my Twitter or Instagram for hilarious picture evidence @nicolecronkenny. 

As is the case with the picture that inspired this week’s blog, I may also have followed the local way and walked bare foot in public on sidewalks and stairs.  Why would I risk contracting Plantar Warts or Athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis) by walking bare foot in a public place?  I had #Ihatesand on my feet.  I had to walk back to the car without shoes so that I could use a bottle of water to wash the sand off.  Don’t you agree it’s ridiculous they did not have showers readily available as you came off the beach?  I’m sure I’m not the only #Ihatesand person out there!  At the very least, I am sure that most people hate bringing sand home with them!

Aside from enjoying days at the beach accumulating sand in areas it does not belong, summer is also known as high season for pedicures, because who does not want to make sure your feet look good while walking in public?!  Back in 2012, I wrote a blog “Be Spa Safe” where I gave 7 things to look for when going to a spa or nail salon:

1. Is the facility clean and organized?
2. Are the tools and work surfaces in good repair?
3. Did I see the personal service worker wash their hands?
4. Are the tools and supplies stored in a clean area?
5. Are creams, lotions, wax etc used in a way that does not contaminate them?
6. Are clean sheets, towels, etc used for each client and paper liners thrown out after each use?
7. Most importantly, ask yourself if you feel comfortable with getting whatever treatment you are looking forward to done.  If what you see or hear is making you uncomfortable…RUN!!!!!
I hope that you’ll consider these the next time you go for a mani or pedi!  If you’re off to the beach this weekend enjoy, but I hope it’s a beach that has showers and you’ll wear sandals!  You can be sure this weekend I will not be spending time at the beach.  #Ihatesand you know!

Bugging Off!


PS – I’ll let you know if I caught anything infectious walking in public!

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