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Friday, December 22, 2017

So long, farewell…

I know its cliché, but where did the year go?  Children are counting the minutes until school is let out for holidays; parents, friends and families are making plans to celebrate the ups and downs of 2017 and I am only 5 months away from being another year older… As I reflect back on the year I am thankful to you, my loyal followers. I was astounded to realize that over the course of the last 12 months almost 31,000 emails have been sent to readers around the world and the I am humbled that in the clutter of our inbox, so many of you have chosen to open and read the blog!

Each year, as I look back on the topics covered, it never ceases to amaze me everything that has happened during the year when it comes to topics related to cleaning and disinfection and infection prevention.  From outbreaks, to new reservoirs being identified as sources of infection transmission, to new science being published to support the importance of cleaning and disinfection or data highlighting that while cleaners and disinfectants are an important part of stopping infections we also need to be wary that some are now proving to be harmful to us and/or our environment.

What is also interesting (and rewarding) is to see that the blogs that made the top of the list in terms of the greatest number of followers reading them, were also varied in the topic covered.  The following are the top Talk Clean To Me blogs for 2017:

1. Ban the bad blowers – further proof that hand dryers are a concern when it comes to infection prevention.
2. Who’s wasted – a discussion on prion diseases (I suspect it was the title that suckered you in!)
3. Is snot our newest superhero? – a discussion of a study looking at the properties mucous have in controlling pathogens
4. Are you part of the 25% group? – a review of a survey conducted looking at presenteeism
5. Volcanic Soil vs Hantavirus – a digression of a blog covering an outbreak of elephantiasis caused from walking barefoot in volcanic soil to the first death in New Mexico of the year associated with Hantavirus
6. The joys of birth and the nightmares of SSIs – one of the tribute blogs during Infection Control Week sharing stories of my colleagues who have firsthand experience with the impact of HAIs.
7. Are we crying wolf over quats – reviewed a study showing that Quats (one of the most commonly used disinfectant chemicals) were found to inhibit mitochondria and estrogenic functions of cells.
8. Triclosan has been banned! – sharing the news that Minnesota was the first state to ban Triclosan in consumer products.
9. Do disinfectants pose health risks? – reviewing the summary of data looking at occupational asthma and occupational risks of using germicides in healthcare facilities.
10. Farewell dear husband, father and friend – one of the tribute blogs during Infection Control Week and probably the story that hit home the most for me.

Thank you again for following the blog!  Until next year, wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year!

Bugging Off!


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