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Friday, May 4, 2018

May the fourth be with you!

I couldn’t help it…..I’m a geek, I’ve seen all but the last Star Wars movies - it’s purchased, just finding a night to watch it!  

May the 4th really has nothing to do with this week’s blog….May 5th on the other hand means everything!  Each year, May 5th is known as “Save Lives: Wash your hands day”.  Truth be known EVERY day should be wash your hands day, but on May 5th, the WHO and other infection prevention associations from around the world use May 5th (and the days surrounding it) to promote, educate and REMIND people of the importance of hand hygiene.

In trying to come up with a hand hygiene topic this week I decided to instead pay homage to a number of blogs that have been shared on the Talk Clean To Me blog.  I hope you’ll enjoy the walk through history and reread at least one or two of them!

I TRIPLE DOG DARE you to wash your hands: where I referenced my favorite Christmas movie before focusing on a study that was commissioned by the Joint Commission in 2008/2009. The study found that doctors and nurses fail to wash their hands with alarming frequency, contributing to the 247 deaths caused each day by preventable hospital infections.  

A+ or F? What’s your Hand Hygiene knowledge grade?  Which challenged you to be positively deviant and take a hand hygiene quiz where the objective is to answer based on how NOT to follow hand hygiene best practices. I dare you to try it!

What is your child’s definition of good personal hygiene? I reviewed a study that investigated the knowledge and beliefs towards personal and household hygiene of college students (AJIC,2012;40:940-945).  When looking at personal hygiene (hand washing, bathing and tooth brushing), women reported higher rates of “compliance” than men.  Thankfully, almost 75% of the study participants reported washing their hands after using the toilet. I’m sharing this one as tonight I ate out with my son AFTER his hockey try out.  He’s nine. He didn’t shower, and almost didn’t wash his hands before we ate. I thought I was dealing with a teenager as he moped towards the bathroom….

Mucky Hands Wreak Havoc! Where when it comes to hand hygiene, I stated that I thought Nike’s slogan sums it up perfectly: “JUST DO IT!”

I know May 5th is a Saturday and many of you will not be a work, but I hope that doesn’t mean you’ll stop thinking about hand hygiene and how “Just doing it” saves lives.  Perhaps on weekends when at home you’re not thinking about saving lives, but I hope you’re thinking of saving yourself from ingesting whatever bugs you’ve picked up through your travels!

Bugging Off!


PS – this week’s picture is courtesy of Braun Medical from the IFIC conference last week and the what I think is a BRILLIANT educating campaign by developing stickers that go on your hand hygiene dispenser!

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