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Friday, October 19, 2018

Happy International Infection Prevention Week!

I’m sorry to say that this year at Virox we did not celebrate IIPW.    I remember thinking to myself “I have plenty of time to plan”.  I then remember thinking “you’d better get on this” and then this past Friday it was “crap, where did the time go?  I have no excuse, and I’m glad to see that those working at healthcare facilities have been busy celebrating and educating!  If you’re on Twitter check out #IIPW2018 to see what has been going on around the world!

As my tribute to IIPW I want to share a few of my favorite Talk Clean To Me blogs from over the last 7 years:

1.       The Top 10 Offences looked at the most common mistakes or ways to misuse disinfectants.  I’m sorry to say, almost 7 years after writing this blog I still see the same issues!

2.       ATP – a microbiologist’s square peg discussed the use of ATP as a tool for validating cleanliness. I agree that we need to have a way to validate cleaning, but in looking at using tools we need to ensure that we understand their limitations!

3.       Cotton – it absorbs more than just water discussed the ugly truth of Quat binding and its impact on our infection prevention programs.

4.       PEDv Pooping Pigs Pose Pharaonic Problems discussed a new Coronavirus impacting pigs.  I’m really sharing this because I think it is my best alliteration EVER!

5.       Mommy, this water tastes funny shared stories of what can happen if disinfectant bottles are not clearly marked.

6.       Cross Contamination Conundrum reviewed a study showing how some disinfectants wipes can redeposit pathogens back on to a surface.

7.       The joys of birth and the nightmares of SSIs was one of the 5 blogs I wrote last year for IIPW sharing stories of lives impacted by SSI’s.

8.       Bacterial laden wristbands was a fun experiment conducted after having to wear a silky ribbon 24 hrs per day for 4 days while at a tradeshow.  #GROSS

What I enjoy most about writing blogs is that you’re never short on topics when it comes to infection prevention.  In a perfect world we would never have to worry about SSI’s.  In a perfect world we would have disinfectants that kill everything on contact without impacting the surfaces or medical equipment that we need to disinfect.  In a perfect world we would never hear of stories where disinfectants caused harm because they were not properly identified.  In a perfect world we would not be concerned about the next emerging pathogen.  While we do not live in a perfect world, we do have people who are passionate about infection prevention.  Thankfully, these passionate people are concerned for the health and welfare of every patient that walks through the door.  For that I salute you and thank you for the work you do!

Happy IIPW!

Bugging Off!


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