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Friday, March 15, 2019

#FF Spring Cleaning Rejuvenates the Brain

As the days get longer and the weather warmer we know that Spring is just around the corner. This week, spring cleaning began at our house. Last week a “spring” showed up in our house when we found a crack in our foundation and water seeping through it. Thankfully we caught it before too much was damaged and since my husband found it, only his feet got wet!
Spring is a time for rejuvenation. Animals come out from hibernation, trees bud, flowers bloom and the birds come back from their winter get-a-way. It’s a perfect time to clean the cobwebs from our brains and stretch our minds to learn something new.

As noted in past blogs, the Teleclass Education by Webber Training is an international lecture series on topics related to infection prevention and control. The objective is to bring the best possible education to the widest possible audience with the fewest possible barriers when trying to access it. Here's the list of teleclasses for the second quarter of 2019.

For more information on Webber Training, including a full list of the upcoming Infection Prevention and Control Teleclasses, please visit:  www.webbertraining.com

I hope many of you will take the opportunity to listen to these teleclasses and share them with your colleagues! At the very least remember to wish me a happy birthday on May 3rd!

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