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Friday, June 7, 2019

Philly Cheese Steaks – Food for the Brain

Next week I’m off to the annual APIC conference in Philly. The 3-day conference (at least the 3 days I’m there), is touting itself as the must-attend event for unparalleled infection prevention and control learning and networking. I’m lucky, one of the perks of my job is that I get the opportunity to attend conferences and soak up as much as I can. 

To say that APIC can be overwhelming is an understatement. If you so choose, there are sessions from 6am, and evening symposiums that run until 8 or 9pm (the non-educational functions run later, if you know what I mean…). The exhibition area is huge, with booths ranging from mediocre to SPECTACULAR, hocking all sorts of infection prevention and control related items… and some not so infection prevention and control related items. The 9 hours of exhibit time over three days requires some serious strategizing to ensure you see everything you wanted to!

From an education perspective, the conference agenda is 41 pages long with topics hitting on virtually any topic related to infection prevention and control. As a lover of all things cleaning and disinfection, if you want to meet up, the following are some of the sessions I intend on hitting: 
    1. Hospital Mattresses as a Source of HAIs: Current Recommendations for Disinfection
    2. Interpreting the Results of Microbial Cultures and Biochemical Tests for Residual Contamination on Flexible Endoscopes 
    3. Breaches in Dental Infection Prevention-Could This Be Your Practice?  
    4. The Journey Towards Compliance with Point of Care Pre-cleaning: Developing a Standard Work Document
    5. Disentangling Disinfectants: Considerations for Selecting or Changing Disinfecting Wipes
    6. Bringing Best Practice to Point of Care: Pre-cleaning of Instruments Outside of the OR
    7. I’m Sorry, Did You Say...Prions?
    8. Biofilms: Development, Transmission, Removal, and Disinfection 
    9. Reprocessing Best Practices Can Be Operationalized in Outpatient Clinics-Here’s How!
    10. Sterilization and Disinfection Troubleshooting for the IP

For those of you attending APIC, be sure to find me. I'd love to catch up or meet you for the first time! I'll be tweeting so follow me @nicolecronkenny. If you're not attending, be sure to follow #APIC2019 to keep up with what is being said! The conference as I said promises to cover a wide variety of topics!

Bugging Off!


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