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Friday, October 18, 2019

Wrapping Up Infection Control Week

I admit, I love Infection Control Week.  In the past I have been fortunate enough to be involved with events at facilities, education days for infection prevention chapters and more recently, we have developed our own infection control week at our company to remind people of how we can keep healthy during cold and flu season.   It’s amazing how our entire company gets into it…..of course the gift certificates may help!

This week we played 'find the plushie bug'.   It took almost the entire day to find one of them so we’ve become great at hiding.  Of course, the message is that you never know what you might find so looking at how you can keep you environment clean via cleaning and disinfection and practicing good hand hygiene are important pillars for keeping healthy.

We’ve had drawing competitions, riddles, cross word puzzles, word searches and word scrambles to complete.  It was interesting how 3 of the winners work in the same area.  We’re pretty sure that they combined efforts in order to win the prizes…..but I guess that could be a discussion for collaboration and how it takes all of us working together to keep ourselves healthy.

Today was one of my favorites – guess how many bugs are in a jar (aka candy).  Unfortunately, since I bought the candy I was not allowed to guess.  What’s worse, I have a cold, so as much as I would like to steal some from who ever won the jars, in good conscience I can’t.  I want to.  It’s a proven fact that if you pass your cold on to one person you will start to feel better.  Which leads me to the next topic: we can learn to help keep ourselves healthy.  Understand the difference between a cold and a flu.
Both colds and the flu are contagious and are caused by viruses. The typical incubation period for influenza (aka the flu) is about one to four days, but some adults can be contagious from about one day before onset of symptoms for up to two weeks after symptoms start. For colds, most individuals become contagious about a day before cold symptoms develop and remain contagious for about five to seven days.  I’m on day 2 of symptoms, with luck I’ve passed it on to someone.  Otherwise, but Monday I should less infectious and starting to feel better!

We’re ending our infection control week with a Kahoot quiz.  We have some competitive people at my company, and its pretty fun watching the competition of everyone trying to win the top spot!  I hope everyone has had as much fun with infection control week as we have.  While it’s fun, the reason behind infection control week is not funny.  HAIs kill, and we all have our part to play in ensuring we keep our patients, our friends, our family and I suppose our colleagues healthy!

Bugging Off!


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  1. Happy IPC Week to all those working in this wonderful field :) your work is important and appreciated.