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Friday, October 23, 2020

Expand Your Infection Control Horizon


In Canada, the theme for this year’s Infection Control Week is “Infection Prevention and Control Beyond the Horizon.”  If we consider the concept of expanding our mental perception, experience, or interest in infection prevention and surviving a pandemic, I hope we would all agree our horizons have been expanded!

While Infection Control Week is generally focused within Healthcare, at Virox we use this week to increase our employees' knowledge around preventing infections, hand hygiene and cleaning and disinfection.  As with many, trying to educate while keeping a 6-foot distance proved to be a bit tricky this year particularly as we also include our production staff; not to mention the conundrum that not everyone has access to a computer.  So, what did we get up to?

Monday, we challenged everyone to an Infection Prevention Cross Word.

Tuesday was a matching game to test our knowledge on what surfaces were the Dirtiest.  Are you willing to test your matching skills?  We also created a video to show how our hands love spreading germs and why hand hygiene is so important!

Wednesday we challenged people’s luck with Infection Control Pathogen Bingo!

Thursday, members of the Leadership Team agreed to a Cleaning Challenge to see who cleaned the best, but also to show that there are differences in the ability to clean different types of surfaces.  We used a smooth desktop, a leather chair and a water-resistant synthetic fabric that was quite textured.  We gave that one to Lee Nesbitt who knows a fair bit about cleaning and disinfection…he failed (well lost….).

Friday, we held a Kahoot quiz which is always a favorite among our overly competitive staff and wrapped up the week with a fun Pet Peeves of Infection Control video!

We hope you had as much fun and learned as much as we did during Infection Control Week!  Thank you from everyone at Virox to our Infection Preventionists and Public Health experts around the globe who are working tirelessly to try and stop the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As importantly, October 21st was Thank Your Cleaner day.  Thanks to Victor, who has stepped up his disinfection practices throughout COVID-19 so that we can all stay healthy!

Bugging Off!


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