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Friday, January 15, 2021

One Health: Our Key to Prevent the Next Pandemic?

As a fellow enthusiast when it comes to all things germ-related, I’m excited to be joining Nicole on the Talk Clean to Me blog! I have always been fascinated by understanding how diseases spread, and what we can do to prevent infections in the world around us – whether it’s a global pandemic like COVID-19 or one of the many other pathogens hiding in plain sight. Throughout the year, Nicole and I will be taking turns posting about the topics that we love, whether it’s cutting through the noise of infection prevention myths and misinformation, or killing pathogens while keeping people and the planet safe.

If I asked you to think of a dangerous animal, the lowly mosquito might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But causing almost 700 million illnesses and a million deaths each year definitely earns mosquitos the top spot – malaria, dengue, West Nile virus and Zika all hitch a ride in mosquitos to spread from person to person. Mosquitos are far from the only animal that can cause disease in humans – many wild animals, farm animals and even our own pets may be harbouring viruses, bacteria or fungi that can make us sick. In fact, it has been estimated that more than 60% of known infectious diseases in humans can be spread from animals, and that 75% of emerging infectious diseases that we get originate in animals.

Almost one year ago, Nicole wrote a blog to celebrate One Health Awareness Month, a movement to recognize the connections between human, animal, and environmental health. The blog mentioned a new coronavirus that was causing an outbreak in China. As infectious disease geeks, we watched closely throughout the year as this new virus morphed into a global pandemic, bringing the whole world to a standstill. Early on, we learned that the virus most likely emerged from bats, possibly using another animal as an intermediary on its path to us. If there was any doubt about the importance of One Health before, COVID-19 has certainly put a spotlight on this issue like never before.

Although COVID has dominated the headlines for the past year, One Health is much broader than any one disease, focusing on all the ways that our health is connected with the animals and environment around us, and how experts in human, animal and environmental health can come together to work on solutions to big health challenges. This can mean everything from getting our pets vaccinated, which in turn can protect both them and us from diseases like rabies, protecting our food animals from infection, and being careful about how we interact with wildlife. As our footprint on nature becomes bigger and bigger and international travel so widespread, we create a perfect storm of conditions for a pathogen with pandemic potential to pop up.

So, has anything really changed when it comes to celebrating One Health this year? While the focus on big health problems is higher than ever, the same strategies that we know to be effective are still our best bet. This means focusing on basic infection prevention such as hand hygiene and maintaining a clean environment, practicing antimicrobial stewardship (with both people and animals), and minimizing our contact with wild animal populations. As we celebrate this year’s One Health Awareness Month, check out a quick whiteboard-style video we created in the past year to put this idea into action!



Friday, January 8, 2021

2021 - A New Year, Same Pandemic

If, like me, you were able to take some time off over the holidays, you are likely trying to slowly edge yourself back into the work routine and rid yourself of sugar cravings after eating so many sweets leading up to and during the holidays.  In Ontario, the excitement of sending our kids back to school was shattered with a transition to online learning in the hopes we can slow the spread of COVID-19.  I am curious to see how this will impact families doing dry January and giving up sugar and junk food…

In past years, I have created themes for each quarter or focused on specific markets.  Last year, most of our blogs focused on COVID-19.  As we enter our 10th year for Talk Clean To Me, I am sure finding a topic for the 2021 blogs should not be an issue.  We will continue to explore process improvements for cleaning and disinfection and continue to highlight that infection control practices are not just to deal with an outbreak or a pandemic, but something that we need to include as part of our everyday life.

One change for 2021, is the introduction of Matt Buccioni as a Talk Clean To Me blogger!  Matt has been working with me for the past two years and is the FIRST person since Lee Nesbitt retired his blogging hat who I would gladly share the blog with.  Matt graduated from my alma mater, University of Guelph, from the Biomedical Sciences program.  Drawing on his interests in science and infectious disease, he enjoys speaking, writing, and educating about new technologies to prevent the spread of infection.  He’s going to fit in just fine and bring a new perspective to Talk Clean To Me!


Wishing everyone a wonderful January, a lovely February, a peaceful March, a stress-free April, a fun-filled May, joy that lasts from June to November, and finally a happy December.  I hope we see a riddance of COVID-19, but hope this year doesn't fly by as fast as 2020!  I’m not getting any younger you know!

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