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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Blog is Born!

When called into a meeting and you hear the words “I have an idea” and the meeting ends with ”run with it” what are your first thoughts? Do you sit and stew wondering how to add the project to your already hectic schedule or do you get excited and actually “Run with it”?

RAN with it!

Welcome to the
TALK CLEAN TO ME blog! A place where Lee Nesbitt and myself – here after referred to as the CLEAN FREAKS hope to clear away the haze of smoke and mirrors marketing, unravel the mysteries of disinfectant development and registration, expound the virtues in reading product labels and using disinfectants correctly, investigate the role the environment plays on infection transmission and basically educate the world or better yet the universe on everything and anything there is to do with disinfectants.

To complement the
TALK CLEAN TO ME blog we have created, with the help of our trusty side kick Melissa Chito, a website dedicated to chemical disinfectants. Looking for protocols on how to effectively clean and disinfect? Need assessment tools to confirm the processes are effective? Require information on emerging pathogens such as fact sheets and infection prevention and control guidelines? We have all the information you could ever look for on chemicals in general and disinfectants in particular including the ever popular topic of how can disinfectants be green when they are designed to kill. The www.infectionpreventionresource.com website, we hope, will have everything you need and if it doesn’t – Who are you gonna call?


Check back next week for a jaw dropping, heart wrenching blog “To Clean or Not to Clean….”

Bugging off!